NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty One – Something Overheard

The prompt for today is to use something overheard for inspiration. My response is to say that there is no formal poem here, today. There’s plain English, and there’s weaponized English. I know who I’d rather fight over the last drumstick with.

With thanks to Walton Goggins, Gail Hall, Coach Garen, Menton Matthews III, and Trae Crowder, I give you:

You Said What Now?

What time is dinner?


I’m so hungry
I could eat the ass out of
a low flyin’ duck.

She is sound asleep.


She’s happy as a
dead hog in the sunshine.

Labor was difficult.


Felt like pushin
a watermelon
through a garden hose.

Quiet down, or you will
end up in detention.


Shut your mouth and sit down
or you’re gonna be
suckin’ gutter water.

I find pop music lacking in depth.


Just because a pop song is catchy
doesn’t mean anything –
Syphilis is catchy, so is herpes.

Southerners are often mistaken
for being ignorant.


People hear my accent and think
that I’m about to rip my shoes off
and start throwin raccoons through
trailer windows.

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