NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty Two – Of Fattening Dung and Insufferable Fratboys

In honor of Earth Day (shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?), the prompt for today is to write a Georgic poem. The link given to learn about this style of poem was useless, aside from reciting the history of Publius Vergilius Maro, aka Virgil, who invented it. Not an example to be found.

Digging around online, I found The Georgics of Virgil. Why NaPoWriMo couldn’t be bothered to post this particular link, I do not know.

Here’s how Virgil discusses crop rotation:

In years alternate withal shalt thou let thy reaped field hide
Fallow : the face of the sleeping plain let a hard crust hide.
Else, sow ‘neath the stars of a diverse season the golden corn
Where erst the pods of the glad pulse danced in the wind of morn,
Or where the progeny slender-limbed of the weak vetch climbed,
Or the frail stalks stood and the bells of the bitter lupine chimed :
Not flax or oats ! – for their harvest burns out the sap of the plain,
So likewise do poppies drenched with oblivion’s slumber-rain.
Yet thy toil by rotation is made more light : but forbear not of pride
From mulching with fattening dung parched soil, nor from scattering
The ash-grime over the fields whence the nature and strength has died.
So also by change of crop land gains the rest that is sought,
Nor left untilled the while is the soil, and thankful for naught.

(and it rhymes)

I wrote the preceding much earlier today, and had jotted down a few thoughts for poem consideration; however…after spending the last 6 hours rearranging my apartment (kind of a spring cleaning binge), I am utterly exhausted, and the fratboys across the hall are alternately arguing and drunk singing at the top of their lungs at a quarter to midnight.

Haiku with a Snarl

Hey there you asshats,
there’s a bar four blocks away.
How ’bout you go there?

They’re paid to put up
with your dumb shenanigans.
You are not funny.

You are obnoxious
and belligerent when asked
to keep the noise down

so that your neighbors
can actually get some sleep.
Take it somewhere else.

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