NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Twenty Six – Future Dig

Today’s prompt asks us to consider what a future archaeologist might conclude about one of our modern objects found at a dig.

Snort. I get this tired I go sideways. One particular object came to mind.

Camel Pacifier?

One thousand years hence
When humankind has merged with
Cold machinery

Or been nuclear
Bombed back to a new stone age
To the primitive,

And they either trip
Over an almost-buried
Roofline while robots

Dig trenches for more
Fiber optic cable lines,
Or our new cave folk

Punch through that same roof
While digging deep down for
Drinkable water,

And they find themselves
In an ‘Adult Novelty
Store’ gaping at row

Upon row of strange
Objects, some replicas of

Ahem, body parts…
Whatever will they do with
The jumbo butt plugs?

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