NaPoWriMo 2017 Day Thirty – Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Four years of participation under my belt…but only the second time I’ve completed all 30 days. Go, me. Today’s final prompt is to write a poem about something that happens again and again.

Giving the Bop another shot, here.

Once Again with the Rain

I like to take a walk every night after dinner.
Partly a digestive assist, balancing the sugars,
a good stretch of the lungs and the legs.
A lifelong night-owl with a busy brain, forced by
circumstance into a job requiring an early riser,
the walk my version of Lunesta.

Evening stormclouds are gathering, once again

This winter has been very long, very gray,
and very, very wet. No light drizzle, no. No,
these are wrath-of-the-almighty gully-washers
ripping limbs off trees and rendering steep,
moss-slick sidewalks treacherous to aging
bones, knees, hips, and skulls. Backed-up
storm drains, puddles covering entire streets.
Soon as I’m headed outside.

Evening stormclouds are gathering, once again

Walk earlier in the day, you say? Tried that.
It’s too bright and too busy – the peace and relief
of an evening stroll is lost among the lawnmowers,
kids crowding the sidewalks after school, traffic
noise and delivery trucks belching their smoke.
Will I get a break today?

Evening stormclouds are gathering, once again.

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