Book Review: The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Wondering why all that education you obtained hasn’t done jack squat except put you in debt for the rest of your life to Sallie Mae?

Bullied out of your last job? Despite your best efforts, no job offers on the horizon?

Unemployment insurance benefits about to run out (if you were “lucky” enough to get it in the first place)? Wondering where you’re going to live or how you’re going to eat?

Got a health problem needing attention but no insurance because COBRA ran out (if you could afford it in the first place)?

Frustrated with your employed friends who have no idea what you’re going through…and you suspect that deep down they think you must have brought this on yourself?

Disgusted with your elected representatives? Feel like you’re screaming into an empty field and no one’s listening?

I give you “The Adventures of Unemployed Man.” You have been heard, and you are legion. If ever there was a cathartic read, this book is it. And who knows? Much like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert using humor to get the point across to a far larger audience than say, C-SPAN, this little graphic novel might prove to be the catalyst for REAL hope and REAL change!

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